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Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic Co.,Ltd, was founded in 1996 and is supported by the powerful technology of Xiamen University, we are a professional supplier of all kinds of magnetic materials,Company specialized in developing and producing all kinds of permanent magnetic materials and magnetic products, main products include: sintered NdFeB magnets,with, heterosexual Ferrite magnets, Rubber magnet, Samarium Cobalt magnets etc. Permanent magnet . And many kinds of magnetic products such as hold magnetic suction cups, magnetic filter , magnetic frame, magnetic bars, magnetic fridge magnet, magnetic bookmark and so on.

We will persist in innovation, people-oriented, customer first, the pursuit of excellence in business philosophy to continuously improve overall quality,and strengthen awareness of customer service, continuous improvement and improving product quality and providing customers with the most competitive high-quality permanent magnetic products! for employees, shareholders, customers and create maximum value to the community should bear the responsibility and obligations, is our eternal goal.

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